Piptändare Colibri Pacific Air black/gunmetal

695 kr

En lätthanterlig piptändare med kraftfull piplåga från sidan. Lågan regleras lätt med det stora reglaget. I botten ett inbyggt pipverktyg.
The second generation Pacific Air has been reengineered to increase air flow into the burner chamber, which in addition of a more powerful sparking system, improves the Pacific Air fire rate to near perfection.
The Pacific Air pipe and cigar lighter features a side-mounted flame for easy handling and viewing while lighting. The single-action ignition trigger is conveniently located at the top, with a fuel window along the side and an easy-to-use, oversized flame adjuster at the bottom. A built-in tamper and reamer tool is also stationed at the bottom of the lighter.
• Angled pipe flame
• Easy-to-use fuel adjuster
• Single-action ignition system
• High Altitude
• Altitude tested up to 2,743m
• Fuel level window
• Refillable butane
• Gift box included
Artikelnummer: LI400C7
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