Oceano rusticated 311 KS

1 265 kr

Varumärke Savinelli
Form Halvböjd
Finish Rustikerad
Modell Poker
Längd 125 mm
Höjd 51 mm
Innerdiameter 19 mm

The blue and white acrylic stem is a tribute to the foaming ocean. Rusticated burgundy. A little white ring links the stem and shank colours. The Cherrywood model is a bent Poker variation. Both models are appreciated for their ability of standing without any support or pipe holder. Its most distinctive feature is the position of the shank compared to the bowl, because the shank inserts in the burning chamber in an unusual position, a little bit over the bowl’s foot. Unlike the model 310 KS the shank was reduced. The pipe has an acrylic saddle stem.

Artikelnummer: S-P50ZMS-6-311
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