Arturo Fuente Opus X Love Affair

365 kr

Varumärke Arturo Fuente
Tillverkningsland Dominikanska Republiken
Typ Handrullad Figurado Längd: 114 mm Ring: 52 (20,57 mm)
Täckblad Dominican Chateu de la Fuente Sun Grown Rosado
Omblad Dominican Chateau de la Fuente
Inlaga Dominican Chateau de la Fuente
Styrka Medium till full

En jubileumscigarr som Carlos ”Carlito” Fuente skapade till sina föräldrars 55:e bröllopsdag 2008. Dagens Opus X Love Affair är nästan identisk med den cigarren som då var döpt till Love Story

Here is the post from Fuente explaining the background:
To commemorate this momentous occasion Carlito would like to share some of these FFOX Love Story cigars. Carlito has made 55 collectible boxes of the Love Story to share with his other family, the Cigar family. Each box contains 5 cigars, are numbered from 1 to 55 matching the number of years his parents have been married and signed by Carlos and Anna Fuente. Every cigar is banded with the FFOX primary band and the 2006 secondary band, the year the cigars were actually made. These collectible boxes are called “Love of Five” representing the 5 members of the immediate Fuente family, Carlos, Anna, Carlito, Cynthia and Ricky.”

Artikelnummer: AFLOVE-1
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